June 17, 2014


“Inquiring About Plants: A Practical Guide to Engaging Science Practices” is a new book published by the Botanical Society of America (BSA). It offers classroom-tested “tricks of the trade” for drawing students into the practice of science. It also illustrates ways you can help students connect concepts and experiences together in student-centered investigations. This book will be a go-to resource for either high school teachers or college science faculty who want to create a culture of inquiry in their classrooms.

Key features include:

• 20 activities to promote students’ critical thinking about concepts in ecology, morphology, anatomy, physiology, genetic variation, evolution, and climate change • Botanical examples for students to develop skills of observation, to pose scientific questions, and to use evidence to support their claims • Strategies for focusing on the big ideas of biology and student understanding of these ideas • Tips for creating your own inquiry-based activities

Don’t miss this new e-book resource for high school teachers and college science faculty, now available for $10.95 at www.PlantingScience.org.

All proceeds from the sale of the e-book go directly to supporting the award-winning online science mentoring program PlantingScience, a joint effort between our organization and 14 other scientific societies.

Want to further support PlantingScience’s outreach efforts and get a print copy of the book? The BSA are currently offering a limited number of print copies to supporters of PlantingScience who contribute $25 or more to the program. Click here to contribute and receive a print copy of the book.

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