December 14, 2012


The work of the 40 selected Vision and Change Leadership Fellows is moving forward. Become part of the conversations shaping the outcomes by joining the PULSE community and providing input to the rich discsussions taking place.

The Fellows are working in four groups: 

1. Raising the PULSE - This group is devoted to raising awareness of Vision & Change, celebrating the good work already underway around the country, and inspiring other departments to embrace the challenge.

2. Taking the PULSE - This group is devoted to helping departments/institutions use existing assessment evidence, and will be designing new tools to evaluate progress in departmental/institutional efforts to implement Vision & Change. Ultimately the group plans to develop a recognition (certification or accreditation) for departments that meet the PULSE goals of a transformed undergraduate experience in the life sciences. 

3. Faculty Networks - A group devoted to building regional and national faculty networks and disseminating a blend of new and existing resources for faculty development.

4. V&C Ambassadors - A group devoted to recruiting and training PULSE members to work as departmental V&C facilitators through departmental visits.

Each working group is providing updates on a monthly basis and actively seeking input from those involved in change efforts. Visit PULSE at:


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