AIBS has led and contributed to several projects to advance biological education at colleges and universities. A few recent initiatives include:

PULSE Project: An NSF-funded project to help facilitate a peer-review process to select Vision and Change Leadership Fellows.

Introductory Biology Project: A project funded by NSF to brings together faculty who teach and who are interested in improving introductory biology courses.

Biology Education Summit: In 2008, AIBS and AAAS co-hosted an NSF Conversation in Undergraduate Biology and a Biology Education Summit. These meetings focused on the role of scientific societies in promoting and supporting undergraduate biology and examined how professional societies can stimulate, support, and disseminate information about undergraduate biological sciences education reform.

Influence Bio2010: Results of a Survey: A survey conducted by AIBS, ESA, and BSA to learn how the Bio2010 report was influencing pedagogy and content in undergraduate biology curricula and whether recommendations from the report were on target to transform undergraduate education for future research biologists.

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