Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) graduate programs in the United States do an excellent job of preparing students for careers in academia. As students and a growing number of reports note, however, many STEM graduate students are interested in employment in a variety of sectors by the time they complete their degree. Students continue to report that they feel ill-prepared and ill-equipped to pursue employment in these settings.

In response to the frustration that the American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS) has heard from many graduate students, we have developed a program to help scientists hone and practice the skills needed to secure employment. AIBS' Employment Acquisition Skills Boot Camp for Scientists is an intensive, two-day program that is a blend of lecture and hands-on exercises. Designed by scientists and a career coach, this program provides graduate students to senior scientists with the information, tools, and resources required to successfully identify and secure employment in a diversity of career pathways, including science policy, communications, program management, government, non-governmental organizations, international development, and others.

Course participants will:

  • Identify career interests and opportunities;
  • Learn to communicate their knowledge and skills to employers;
  • Develop strategies for finding employment;
  • Develop application materials;
  • Prepare for and practice different interview styles and scenarios;
  • Talk to scientists working in diverse employment settings and individuals responsible for making hiring decisions.

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Who should take this course?
Current graduate students and post-doctoral fellows, and scientists interested in transitioning to a new employment sector.

Date and Location

Individual Rate:$415.00/person
Nominated by AIBS Member Organization:   $345.00/person
Group Rate*:$345.00/person

*More than 4 individuals from the same organization being paid for by a single source.

IMPORTANT: A $100 non-refundable deposit is due at the time of registration. Individuals will be billed for the balance prior to the workshop. Please do not make any travel arrangements until after you have paid the full balance.

The program will next be offered in 2019. To receive updates on this program, please complete the below form.

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