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Bullet bioscience · Jul 09, 2020

BioScience Impact Continues to Increase

The 2019 Journal Citation Reports® (Source Clarivate, 2020) have been released and the American Institute of Biological Sciences and Oxford University Press are excited to reveal that the Impact Factor for BioScience has risen to 8.282, up from 6.591 last year. This is the 4th highest Impact Factor among biology journals.

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Bullet bioscience · Jun 08, 2020

Bias and Forensic Science

As lawmakers across the United States grapple with how to reform law enforcement agencies, they should consider where forensic science laboratories are administratively housed and from where their funding is derived according to many experts. In most jurisdictions, these crime laboratories are housed within law enforcement agencies and derive their funding from police budgets. This structure can create bias toward law enforcement agencies. In an important Feature article, Is Forensic Science Scientific, in the May issue of BioScience, many have argued that crime labs should be independent organizations that are not dependent upon funding from police agencies.