AIBS is pleased to announce the appointment of Scott L. Collins to a three-year term as BioScience's editor in chief. He has held the position on an interim basis since April 2016, when he succeeded Timothy M. Beardsley.

Collins, a Distinguished Professor at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, received his PhD from the University of Oklahoma in 1981 and brings a wealth of experience to the position, both as a biologist and as a publications expert. In addition to his numerous academic positions, Collins served at the National Science Foundation as a Program Director for efforts ranging from Conservation and Restoration Biology to the inception of NEON. He is a former president of the Ecological Society of America and has served on the editorial boards of Community Ecology, the Journal of Vegetation Science, Ecology, Oecologia, Ecosphere, and the Journal of Ecology.

"The staff and Board of AIBS could not be more pleased with Dr. Collins's appointment. His long history of service and accomplishment across the biological sciences make him uniquely qualified to serve the broad readership of BioScience and AIBS's mission of advancing biology for the benefit of science and society," said AIBS President Joseph Travis. "Dr. Collins has the experience and vision to guide BioScience at a time when the boundaries between scientific fields are shifting, and new tools and techniques enable scientists to answer increasingly complex questions of great societal importance," added AIBS Interim Co-Executive Director Robert Gropp.

In accepting the appointment, Collins stated, "BioScience will continue in its role as a premier source of scholarship with important peer-reviewed articles, features, news, and opinion pieces. BioScience has long published seminal papers that have informed decision-makers, incubated new scholarly communities, and provided the synthetic understanding that has helped to move forward scientific research and education."


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