The Diversity Leadership Award promotes best practices, disseminates successful strategies, and recognizes leadership and innovation in programs that broaden participation of women, persons with disabilities, and under represented minorities in the biological sciences. The award is given each year to recognize programs that demonstrate outstanding creativity, commitment and effectiveness in promoting diversity in biology.

The AIBS Diversity Leadership Award competition is currently on hiatus until further notice.


The Ecological Society of America's (ESA) Strategies for Ecology Education, Development, and Sustainability (SEEDS) program received the AIBS Diversity Leadership Award in 2008. The mission of SEEDS is to diversify and advance the profession of ecology through opportunities that stimulate and nurture the interest of underrepresented students. Focused at the undergraduate level, opportunities sponsored by the program include student field trips, undergraduate research fellowships, ESA Annual Meeting travel awards, and campus ecology chapters.

SEEDS directly serves over 200 students and its chapters serve nearly 2,000 students. These students credit the program with enabling them to pursue a career in ecological science and to forge lasting relationships with both peers and mentors that help support their academic pursuits. The Society has made a long-term commitment to continue the mentoring opportunities for students and members alike, particularly those organized and supported at the Society's annual meetings.

To learn more about SEEDS and its accomplishments, visit SEEDS on the ESA website.

For more information about AIBS diversity programs, please send an email to: DR. Robert Gropp at

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