"What news from the sea?"

The fish replied: "I have a lot to say, but my mouth is full of water." - Armenian proverb

The San Diego, California shoreline. Credit: Frank McKenna

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Bullet bioscience, podcasts · Mar 17, 2021

Using Citations to Find Scientific Communities

George Chacko (University of Illinois) and Steve Gallo (American Institute of Biological Sciences) discuss using article citations to generate "clusters" that reflect scientific communities.
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Bullet bioscience, podcasts · Feb 15, 2021

In Their Own Words - Thomas Lovejoy

This episode is the next in our oral history series, In Their Own Words. These pieces chronicle the stories of scientists who have made great contributions to their fields, particularly within the biological sciences. Each month, we will publish in the pages of BioScience, and on this podcast, the results of these conversations. Dr. Thomas Lovejoy is a professor at George Mason University, in Fairfax, Virginia, in the United States, explorer at large with the National Geographic Society, and senior fellow at the United Nations Foundation. He is also a past president of AIBS.

Bullet bioscience, podcasts · Feb 10, 2021

Indigenous Systems of Management for Healthier Fisheries

Before European colonization, populations of Pacific salmon were successfully managed by the Indigenous communities of the Pacific Northwest since time immemorial. Colonization and its associated fisheries management practices have depleted stocks and disrupted the complex social–ecological systems that underlie them.

Bullet bioscience, podcasts · Jan 27, 2021

SlothBot - Engaging the Public with Robot Ecology

Despite having a professed trust in the science, many members of the public fall short when it comes to making choices that protect the environment and support informed decision-making. To help excite and inspire broad audiences to have a greater appreciation for and engagement with science, our guests today, Jonathan Pauli, associate professor in the Department of Forest and Wildlife Ecology at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and Magnus Egerstedt, robotics professor at Georgia Tech, have created SlothBot. The forest-canopy-dwelling robot, which mirrors its biological counterparts in many ways, offers an exciting platform for learning—about robotics, ecology, and more. Listen to the latest episode of BioScience Talks.